Randall A. Fischer


Spin Doctor


Jeremy Little is a rising star at one of the most influential public relations firms in Washington, D.C. Just when his career was reaching new heights, Jeremy’s life gets turned upside down when he discovers his employer blackmails a powerful U.S. Congressman.  Jeremy secures the information incriminating one of the partners of the firm on a highly secure internet server.  While attempting to release the information, Jeremy is implicated in a domestic terrorist attack on Washington D.C.  His former employer will stop at nothing to make sure the information is not released. 


With access to the incriminating data limited, Jeremy is forced to flee.  The manhunt is on for the suspected terrorist by both the Federal government and his former employer, which weaves its way through the Midwest and the east coast.


Jeremy enlists the help of his closest friends and, in doing so, has unwittingly placed them in mortal danger.  


The plot is an incredible, and at times brutal, game of cat and mouse with dire consequences on all sides.  


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Keep Your Enemies Closer: The Council


Jeremy Little worked for a conservative public relations firm in Washington, D. C. as a spin doctor, spinning stories to place his clients in a favorable light.  He had no idea the lengths to which his firm would go to further their clients’ interests, both foreign and domestic. 


As a result of the confrontation between Little and his former employer, all hell breaks loose.  The consequences of which only reveal a tip of the iceberg.  Unknown to Jeremy, the real enemy is comprised of members of a powerful organization known only as "The Council."  


Jeremy  and his three friends are already in Council's cross-hairs.  When he shifts gears and goes to work for a nonprofit lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., he inadvertently provokes this unknown enemy. 


Now, Jeremy, Donna, Tom and Brick face an anonymous international entity of extreme power willing to take extreme measures.  Why? Where? Who? How? and When?  Keep Your Enemies Closer will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Clues for Kallie and Leonardo D.: The case of the missing BFF and the Bodega Bay Triangle



Kallie, a free spirited 7-year old, who leaves Manhattan and goes on vacation in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her mother, Brittanie, their friend Jon, and a mischievous lizard named Leonardo D., whom they discovered among the other artists painting in Central Park.  


Her vacation is full of adventures and discoveries which include pirates, a damsel in distress, a Redwood forest, a hut made of driftwood with seaweed curtains and white water rafting.  Leonardo D. adds his own challenges to the entire trip.  The trip is one that Kallie will never forget. 


On their last full day, Kallie suddenly realizes her doll and BFF, Dale K. is missing.  Can they find her BFF before they have to return to New York City?  The only way to find out is to read Clues for Kallie and Leonardo D.: The case of the missing BFF and the Bodega Bay Triangle.